Founded in 1963, Shin Kong Life listed its now famous motto, “Customers first with genuine service”, and keeps carrying it out when providing its customers with impeccable service and comprehensive insurance coverage; Now, Shin Kong Life has become the second largest life insurance company in Taiwan after 50 years of solid operation.

The Team

Developer : Shin Kong Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
Management Team : Jasper Hospitality Management Co., Ltd.
Architecture & Design : Tange Associates ,
HCCH & Associates, Architects, Planners & Engineers.

Architecture & Interior Desigh

Jasper Villa Xinyi was designed by the world-renowned Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange. Over the last 50 years, he has designed nearly 200 projects, including the Japan World Exposition Hall in Osaka, the New Tokyo City Hall Complex and other famous structures in more than ten countries. Kenzo Tange has received more than 30 international gold awards and the Japanese Culture Award. Today, Mr. Tange is contributing a new architectural landmark to Taipei’s own Xinyi District by designing Jasper Villa Xinyi.

24-Hour Shin Kong Security

When planning the security system, Japser Villa Xinyi had its resident’s safety as its primary concern; therefore, the most advanced security system has been installed to keep out trespassers and monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. All residents will enter the premises from the Songqin Rd. entrance. Moreover, all access is under control and the exclusive resident elevators can only be activated by key cards. Each master bedroom is equipped with an emergency button, intercom and smoke detector to allow residents rest soundly. In addition, parking lots are separated into visitor parking (B2) and tenant parking (B3, B4) to ensure personal and vehicle safety.

Service Apartment Management & Exquisite Service

With Jasper Hospitality Management, Jasper Villa Xinyi aims to provide well-trained, professional caring services around-the-clock; services include dry-cleaning, limousine transportation arrangements and other daily routine needs.