Neighborhood Functionality

Shopping Center
Abundance of commercial development in the district:
Taipei 101 and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Stores host a grand selection of brand names and designer labels, while Att 4 fun feature trendy boutiques and fashionable shops and Warner Village Cineplex provides entertainment. Restaurants, food courts, bars and lounges in this area offer a variety of dining choices, including local, traditional and exotic cuisines.

Entertainment & Recreation
【Hiking Trail】
Sishou Mountain Citizen Forest
The Sishou Mountain Trail was renamed Sishou Mountain Citizen Forest after having undergone renovation. The forest includes four mountains: Hushan (tiger), Baoshan (leopard), Shishan (lion) and Xiangshan (elephant), and forms a natural environment for birds, making it an excellent venue for the general public for outdoor leisure activities.

【Sisinan Village】
At a corner in Taipei’s high-end Xinyi District, a few low-rise houses sit closely together. These somewhat crowded buildings chronicled the tears and joy of veterans who migrated to Taiwan in the early days. This is the former site of Taipei City’s Military Dependents’ Village, called the “Sisinan Village”.

【Sun Yet-Sen Memorial Hall】
National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall completed in 1972 is designed by the famous architect in Taiwan, Mr. Wang Da-hung, and designated as the municipal historic building by Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, on May 3, 2019. The major reason is that the hall is one of the representative public constructions after Taiwan’s restoration. The hall is designed by the important modernist architect in Taiwan, Wang Da-hung. The characteristics including the overall layout, surrounding corridor, cornice, and curved roof of the main entrance all shape the style combining modernism and Chinese traditional architectural spirit and make the hall the classical work in the development of the history of modern architecture in Taiwan. The building appearance and the overall landscape of the outdoor plaza have become the important visual image of the city space of Taipei City.

【Tonghua Street Night Market】
The night market sits between Tonghua Street and Keelung Road. It is roughly 300 meters long and has over 200
popular foods stalls.

Currently, Taipei hosts the Taipei American School, Taipei European School, and Taipei Japanese School for foreign students. These schools provide transportation to and from the Xinyi District.

In Xinyi District, Taipei medical University Hospital just sites nearby the apartments, meaning the medical caring is assured. Additionally, Taipei city remains ample healthcare resources, with National Taiwan University Medical Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and other large medical facilities all within a 20-minutes drive distance.


Suited in southeast Taipei City, the Xinyi District has become Taipei’s financial center with landmark building and location such as the Taipei City Government, Taipei City Hall, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei 101, Taipei International Convention Center and Sun Yet-Sen Memorial Hall. Jasper Villa is in the nucleus of this well-developed area.

In developing the Xinyi District in 1990, the Taipei City Government positioned it as ”Manhattan of Taipei”, and hoped to entice the financial industry as well as other corporations to establish headquarters in the district to promote economic growth. Today, esteemed corporations such as China Trust Bank, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Nanshan Insurance, An Tai Bank, Citibank, ANZ, DBS, IBM Taiwan Corp., Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Taiwan, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd., and other multinational.

Convenient Public Transportation or Drive, You Decide

Convenient transportation: Suited near many major roadways, such as Civil Blvd., Zhongxiao E. Rd, Ren-ai Rd, Xinyi Rd., Guangfu S. Rd., Heping E Rd. and Keeling Rd., the Xinyi District can be easily reached by car.

Metro Rapid Transit
Public transportation gateways, such as the Sung Shan Train Station, MRT Xiang Shan Station and over ten bus routes, are available in this district. No matter which corner of Taipei you are at, the Xinyi District is just minutes away.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:
Highway 1 - Exit Yuan Shan Turnpike - Freeway - Exit Xinyi Rd Xinyi Rd.
(Approximately 40 minutes)
Highway No. 3 - Exit Xinyi Pass – Turn on to Xinyi Rd. Sec.5
(Approximately 40 minutes)

Taipei ShongShan Airport:
Xinyi Rd. – Tunhua South Rd. – Tunhua North Rd. – Sung Shan Airport
(Approximately 20 minutes)